If you have kids, I’m sure you want them to get the best opportunities in the world. Every parent desires that their children get the best possible education, but you have to lay the foundation when the child is young so they can excel in life. If you want your kids to have an advantage, the Reading Head Start Program is scientifically proven to help the kids learn reading, with just 15 minutes a day!


  •  The Reading Head Start program offers a vast range of lessons and worksheets that can be accessed from all internet-enabled devices

  • There are new and appealing activities added every day so that the children are always engaged in new material

  • The Reading Head Start program has four levels, and as your child advances through the levels, they are rewarded a certification

  • As the child proceeds through the levels, thereading videos, exercises, and games become advanced to stimulate the child intellectually

  • The program has a well-designed structure, and the children will develop core skills in the 40-week program under the guidance of their parents

  • Reading Head Start uses picture cards, sound out cards, advanced phonic cards and letter cards to cover the material, and keep the child engaged 

Reading Head Start has affordable packages, as well as a three day trial period so that you can test the waters before buying. Since we are all in a lock-down, it is a very suitable time to utilize the freedom and teach your kids something productive by subscribing to Reading Head Start!



This program is excellent for worried parents, and it helps children learn in a fun and interactive way. It is scientifically proven to improve your child's reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and it is a worthy investment for parents!

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